Dear John, I shared my thoughts with you when we picked up the car, but now want to record them in writing. The repair your team made is excellent and invisible, the service fair and honest and gave excellent value for money. You provided a Rolls Royce service at Morris Minor prices. I often complain when I receive poor service but ‘always' express thanks for good service. It is my hope that this note will not embarrass you, it just happens to be true, but I do think you are a modest gentlemen.

Mr Stuart Seaborne

We have had bodywork repairs done on both our family cars, and found the work to be excellent. The service given was friendly, fast and efficient, and of a very high standard, and I would have no doubts in recommending Dentrix to my family and friends.

Mrs Julie Gough

I am very happy indeed. I had been advised that the dent would be difficult to get out. I had not expected the work to be "As good as new".

Mr Exworthy

Porsche Boxster owner delight with Dentrix As the owner of an early Boxster's that has been used as an everyday car for the past five years, Jason had picked up a few stone chips on the bonnet and a number of deep scrapes on the front valance. He was considering a bonnet re-spray but not impressed with the price quoted by his Porsche dealership, their uncertainty of a colour match, or the time they would need the car off the road to action the renovation.

A few dents in the rear bonnet, doors and bumper had been accepted as ‘fair wear and tear' but a fist sized dent in the panel behind drivers door was causing him concern. A new panel and boot plus full re-spray was optioned - but was far from a sensible economic solution.

Then Jason found Dentrix through an article in the Times Online and took the car for an appraisal by their Managing Director, John Haisman - a hands on business owner. He was nervous at the prospect of leaving his car with an unknown company. "At first I thought I might be dealing with some rogue backstreet spray shop. But John spoke sympathetically about the issues and explained what he might do to fix them". John also had members from his repair team look at the car and they worked out solutions for all the dents and scrapes.

A few days later his quote for a full renovation arrived. The total was lower than the quotes Jason had from his Porsche dealer for the bonnet re-spray alone. Despite reservations that quality might be compromised with a lower cost option, Jason decided to give Dentrix a try. "I knew Dentrix did work on behalf of certain main dealerships in the area, so felt they would have to offer a reasonable quality finish". The restoration took several days due to the need to re-spray the bonnet. But his reservations were dispelled the moment he saw his car on the Dentrix forecourt. "I thought they had swapped my number plates onto a newer car for a joke" said Jason. "Truly Dentrix have gained my confidence and wholehearted recommendation. Everyone noticed the difference immediately, the car body looks new". "Dentrix have added thousands to the value of my car for a few hundred pounds; Choosing Dentrix was not just more economic, it was fantastic investment". A month later, Jason returned with his father's BMW with a scraped bumper and dent in the roof panel. "Again I have thrown away a ridiculous quote and paid for the Dentrix's work multiple times through the increased value of the car". His father agrees: "The repair is totally invisible. I commend John and his team. We hope we don't get too many scrapes in the future, but if we do, the dealers won't get a look-in from this family".

Mr Jason Purvor

I just wanted to send you the 'before' and 'after' photos of my Picasso. I'm really pleased with the result; your technician was really friendly and professional. All my emails have received prompt replies and I can't recommend your services enough. The best thing was my wife Sarah... very fussy!!... thought the repair was excellent.

Praise Indeed!!

Thanks again

Andy Worsfold