GS05 – TAB WELD glue sticks (pack of 10)

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The TabWeld formulation has proven to be the glue of choice for the highest level PDR technicians everywhere! We are excited to be able to finally supply every technician with TabWeld glue. 10 Sticks per bag-FAST set time!-QUICK clean up-Extremely flexibile in different Climates and temperatures-MAXIMUM ADHESION TabWeld comes in a resealable plastic bag with a window so you can see at a glance how much is left in there. Being able to reseal the bag is a fantastic when you want your glue to stay clean and free of contaminants so when you load and use it, you achieve MAXIMUM adhesion and performance, which means fewer pulls, less waste, and MORE MONEY per repair! NEW FEATURE – Glue is so cheap in relation to the average price of a repair, its silly to not have enough on hand when a job presents itself. However, no one (us included) wants to order 5 cases of glue to sit in the corner until we need it.

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