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NEW DENTRIX HAIL CART – Made by technicians for Technicians.

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Made by technicians for Technicians.

Dentrix hail Cart

This cart is designed with practicality in mind. A technician can spin this cart 360 degrees without any problems or oversized shape.

This cart comes with many options the standard finish is carbon fibre effect but this can be added to with various colors in each internal tray. we can also fit rubber sections in the trays.

The Dentrix Hail cart has a USB and cigarette connector fitted to the top with a battery charge reader. This allows a technician to see the remaining battery life at all times, charge there phone or 12V Glue Gun with cigarette lighter adapter plug to be used easily.

There is a lower tray for the battery to be placed on and plugged in to top tray adaptor.


.The tool hangers have a unique design unlike most carts. A technician can pick up  the individual hangers with tools in place with hangers if required to lay flat in a tool box to transport to another customer. This allows the cart to be quickly set up or dismantled. Saving time and money on setup.

At the glue tray side we have designed a quick release glue rack system for various tabs to be lined up ready. It accommodates the crease tabs well with a wider track.

One area around the glue section has no hangers to allow good access and freedom with the glue gun.

There are various hangers and various options for all your required tools. We placed the larger holes at the rear of the trolley for bigger tools so that its not in the way of the glue section or most commonly used tools.

The stand, top tray, hangers and battery tray can be dismantled in minutes and at ease all collapsing to a manageable size.


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