Control Punch Aluminum Green Regular

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Finally, a PDR Knockdown designed with the technician in mind!

Force travels around your fingers instead of through them!

More control with less physical abuse!

High Spots will fear you with this in your hand!

NEW ControlPunch gives you unmatched comfort and control while virtually eliminating harmful vibrations(Read More)

ONLY ControlPunch’s revolutionary patented ergonomic design allows you to get the perfect strike without stress.

Now you really can work for hours on end without that painful hand and wrist ache you can get from working with a traditional knockdown (that can lead to more serious problems)!

How the Control Punch does it:

It’s all down to the unique grip!

You don’t hold ControlPunch with the pen grip you would use with an old­style knockdown.

Instead, your fingers go through holes in the body of the tool.

(In fact, there are several different hand positions you can use for even more comfort over long periods.)

●  Nearly 100% of the force of the strike is passed right through the metal body — you really do feel nothing!

●  So there’s practically zero stress on the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of your hand and wrist…

●  That means no more pain, allowing you to work longer with more comfort and increased control.

●  Plus, your risk of long­term hand injury is practically eliminated!

Even more reasons everyone loves the Control Punch™: 

●  And because your fingers go right through the tool instead of wrapping around, you get a clear view of the area you’re working, without having to bend your wrist… Giving you more control with fewer mistakes, and even less stress!

●  The large replaceable steel strike plate increases accuracy, and the hybrid rubber­/steel version provided gives you a softer, more controlled punch. (Much quieter too!)

●  If you do miss, the ControlPunch will even protect your knuckles!

●  You can even work faster, because you can easily keep hold of the ControlPunch while switching to another tool… and if you do put it down, you know it’s not gonna roll anywhere.

●  The interchangeable tip system uses industry standard threads which means that one Control Punch™ knockdown can replace dozens of others!

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