Very pleased with the training that John provided, it was helpful, honest and realistic. John is friendly and has a good sense of humor and plenty of patience. It was good to try out all the different tools and a nice learning environment. Thanks to you both!

Michael Scott – Northamptonshire.

I’ve been waiting 7 years for this course and I feel very strong that this was the right place. I’ve taken everything in, listened to everything and made sure that I understood everything. John and Kev have helped and explained all. Now it’s practice time, I feel blessed that I have been taught by two of the best!

Anthony Absolom – Oxford

I was very impressed with the training and teaching procedures, I felt this was beneficial. Every process was described and explained in detail which helps to explain how to carry out PDR and overcome problems that you may come across. I would well recommend the course and hope that I may get the opportunity to come back in the future to extend my knowledge in PDR and hopefully get better. Many thanks John & Kev for your help and advice given during the course!

Brendan Sweeny – Warrington

Excellent course, enjoyed every minute of it, can we come again!!

Keith Platt – Wirral

I thought the training was excellent, John’s no nonsense and straight talking suited me totally. I have a lot courses (of all descriptions) carried out at this point and this rated amongst the best, inspirational. Good laugh, hard work and both John and Kevin are informative and hands on. Thanks lads!

Andy Wilson – Galway

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was on the course and also got some tips to help me as I had a few bad habits as I was self taught.

Andrew Currie – GM Luton

It has been a very enjoyable, informative learning curve for me personally. PDR/dent pilling/lifting is a skill which requires a lot of patience, but the end product gives you a lot of personal pride/satisfaction. It has given me the incentive to go out and buy my own set of tools, it’s something which I wish I had got into a long time ago!

Stephen W – Bedfordshire

Very helpful to what we do every day at work, improving the speed for line production.

Adrian J – Beds

I just wanted to thank you for the course. I have had an excellent weeks training. You have provided me with lots of information that I need to become a good PDR technician.

Svayunas Kvaraciejus – Essex

Overall the training covered all the things I wanted to learn & try, its given me the very basic skills to practice and hopefully achieve my goal of becoming good and run my own PDR company. Thank you and I would recommend beginners to be trained here as the knowledge is exceptional.

Simon Jones – Dorset.

I came on the training course with no previous experience, I feel I have learnt a lot in a week and feel confident to go away and practice. John is an amazing teacher with no false promises and tells it like it is. He cuts the rubbish, tells the truth and is very realistic. I have had a wicked week and met some brilliant people, I have learnt a lot. It does require patience and a good eye for detail. Anyone thinking about taking the course with Dentrix, I would highly recommend them to go there. No Bu***hit, straight up training style with hands on learning.

Chris Hoar – Hampshire

I enjoyed the course, met new friends, learnt a new skill and got an understanding of how much practice is important. John and Kevin were down to earth and kept me heading in the right direction.

Davod Callonan – R.O.I

This was my first PDR training course and both instructors helped to put me at ease. They explained how to correct any mistakes that I was making and encouraged me when I was doing things correctly. I was really amazed with the results that I produced after only 4 days training!!

Paul Norgrove – Middx

Very helpful, everything explained and demonstrations in detail, highly recommended. Very enjoyable place to learn PDR. John was excellent (I was paid to say this!!)
Ian Wallis – Wellingborough

I enjoyed the course and I think it has brought me a long way. John and Kevin are fantastic trainers and great guys.

Camerson Seaman – Norfolk

Great experience, good knowledge base from trainers. Kev and John always happy to discuss how you can gain business and always happy to help you realise other opportunities in the industry.

Pete Hodgson – Barnsley

For me, I’m not British, the language was not a problem. Kevin and John are 2 trainers, completely different but completely, but teach with perfection on this foundation. I want to thank you for the way you share your experience as a PDR man and a business man.

Jose Mendes – Portugal

Both John and Kev do an excellent job of training. Kev’s video demonstrations were extremely beneficial. It was great to have 2 trainers who both have different methods of teaching and doing PDR. I have found it reassuring to know this is more than one way to obtain the same results. If John and Kev ever give up PDR I would be confident they would have a great career as a double act on the stage!! Money well spent.

Derek Anderson – Scotland

John and Kevin are what I call Dent men! Truly unbelievable what they can do right in front of your eyes. Great relaxed atmosphere with plenty of laughs along the way, they bounce off each other a treat!

Terry Pack – Cambs

Great course, exactly as described on the website and on phone calls. Lots of superb practical tips for applying dent removal techniques in the dealerships or private customers. Also, a very relaxed, friendly, fun environment to learn.

Dan Tickle – Oxted

Excellent course, I have no previous experience and the course has given me all the skills I need to develop into a PDR tech.

Matt Wood - Kidderminster

I think if anyone wants to go into PDR then they must do this course. It will be very helpful to your career.

Mahmud Chowdhury - Luton

Great laugh, learnt a lot, very happy with the skills I learnt and confident to continue when I get home.

John Ross Ward - Notts

This course was as how I hoped. A really good introduction to PDR, access to the full range of tools. I was not disappointed in any way and know that on leaving at the end of the week, the rest is up to myself.

Irwin Watt – Co.Antrim

I have got everything I needed from the course, I would recommend the course to anyone looking to start a career in PDR. The tutor John is very helpful, informative and a great teacher. John’s previous experience and knowledge of PDR is second to none. The venue is a great setup with plenty of lighting and heating. All my questions were answered fully, I found out a lot about the tools and reflection as well as business management and what to expect when starting out. Overall, a great experience and good value for money.

Daniel McNab – West Yorkshire

The course has made me a lot more confident in taking PDR further. I also tool a lot from experiences and advice when dealing with trade and retail. I was not expecting this in the course but this will be very useful to me, Cheers!

Matt Scott - Wiltshire

For me, John is a great guy, very experienced and knowledgeable. Tips on the PDR business in general was superb. A great week, exceeded my expectations.

Mark Ayre

Everything was excellent!!!

Andreas Roditis - Greece

John & Jane were super all week, John shows you PDR more like a friend, it’s all relaxed so I was relaxed and able to take it all in, Ask John anything at anytime and he’s happy to go through it with you. I picked up so much and had a really good week. Top people, top training, the best there is!

Simon Dhar - Neath

The course is amazing and we were made very comfortable. John is very clear in everything he was teaching us, for me John made the course. Thank you, please keep us the standard!

Paul Venn - Middx

Had a brilliant time, was well worth the money. I don’t think there is anyone better than John to be trained by. I would recommend Dentrix to anyone wishing to learn PDR.

Richard Dean - Middx

The course was great, John was a straight talker and honest with a teaching skills second to none. Johns PDR skills were excellent and he made it look easy. I found the course hard but will take all the advice ad knowledge John passed on over the last 5 days home and with a lot of practice, become a great dentman. Thanks John & Jane for a great week.

Adrian Allan - Scotland

John has a fantastic way of training, he doesn’t give you any false ideas of PDR. There are no frills in this business, he tells you exactly how it is. I thought this was fantastic. Monday is definitely “OH SH*T MONDAY” I do not expect the course to be like this, it was relaxed but straight to the point.

James Sanford – Cyprus

This course is brilliant. I learnt so much in 5 days about PDR, John is a very good teacher and a good laugh. Anyone who wants to learn PDR, this is the place to go! Cheers Dentrix.

Lee Burgess - Cheshire

A great way of learning a new trade, very helpful. John is a great guy, down to earth, very good at explaining the do’s & don’ts, the in’s & out’s. Just a great week that I’ll never forget. I’m hoping in the future to be contacting John for advice and buying more tools. 1st Class service.

Paul Exon - Leicester

Excellent, friendly, no fuss training. John conveys the subject of PDR in a relaxed and steady pace.

Alan Hirji – Suffolk.

John is an excellent trainer, lots of real situation advice, both technical and business related.

Spencer Wakeling - Poole

I have really enjoyed my week, John is easy to get on with and trains you in a really good way, it’s nice to have someone train you that can have a laugh with. I couldn’t ask for any more, John is very good at what he does. I would like to give my personal thanks to John, was a very good week and I would recommend you to anyone.

Jason Adams - Norfolk

John is excellent the way he conducts the course and he doesn’t treat you like an idiot, he always tells you where you’re going right or wrong.

Tim Smith - Nottingham

Excellent, every question answered even the ones you didn’t ask! Get to try everything, nothing was rushed. No pressure a great learning environment.

Jason Barnes – Milton-Keynes

John is a lovely person and mentor, then venue is exactly what you need for PDR training. Superb atmosphere.


A very difficult course at the beginning, but the end of the week, things started to fall into place. John is good at what he does.

Jamie Folkard

John is the “Mr Miyagi” of dent repairs!!

Dean Keegan – Coventry

I have had a great weeks training with John and have learned a lot. Johns knowledge in the PDR field is excellent which enables him to run a smooth and very informative training course.

Robert Smith - Scotland

Great course, laid back, not formal so for me, aids you in learning.

Stacy Donavan - Devon

Like the idea of using all tools. John is a good teachers and it’s nice to see somebody so passionate about his work. Only 100% will do.

Andrew McGroarty - Ireland

Great course, very informative, Johns training is second to none (lots of practice). Really enjoyed myself and helped my confidence in dent removal.

Craig Barnett – Leicestershire

Top quality without the “Classroom Bollox”

Michael Bates

Excellent course, very enjoyable, very in depth but always interesting. John is bang on funny and generally a nice bloke all round.

Iain Walker - Wakefield

The course went well, it was good having a large range of tools to try and work with.

Trevor Mason

I have learnt what I needed to so I am happy. If I have any issues, then I know I can contact John for support, something a lot of course don’t offer from what I know. 5 days is enough to learn what is needed to be learnt, it is worth the money. Also was an experience.

Rizwan Hussain - Huddersfield

The course was excellent and John is a great trainer of PDR he has so much enthusiasm that it rubs off on you and make you want to succeed in PDR. Jane also installs confidence in you about the whole job.

Phil Essam - Kenilworth

Training course was great, could not fault it. John & Jane were excellent, couldn’t be more helpful or welcoming. Johns training methods are excellent, so much knowledge of PDR. Overall course is packed with information and was a joy to learn from John.

Marc Reid - Scotland

I cannot fault any aspect of the course, from the initial phone call to completion of the course. A very enjoyable week. Thanks

Darren Marshallsay – Dorset

Excellent training and advice look forward to taking advantage of the ongoing support. Thanks John and Jane

David Sargent

I found it to be a very comprehensive introduction to PDR, with this side of the industry still in its infancy. I found the equipment to be extremely well researched if not a little pricey for the beginner even though I was made aware to the pricing structure. I feel somewhat relived to have found Dentrix Ltd for my training as the professional attitude of the company that was hinted at on the website turned out to be more than true. Thank you John and Jane

Daniel Swanton - Ireland

John is a natural trainer and it was very beneficial to be able to draw on his many years experience. For me it was training for need and I will leave this course not an instant expert but prepared for the long journey ahead of becoming a competent dentman after a lot of practice.

Mark Adfield - Sussex

John and Jane have been excellent this week. Not only has the course been above my expectations in terms of scope, honesty and variety, John exudes an infectious charisma that gets you motivated about PDR as a career choice. We had access to every PDR tool we could think of, which has earned us a wealth of choice and options for work in the future. The venue was perfect for training and there was never a shortage of cake!!

Alex Emerson - Suffolk

The training is well explained, John makes you feel very welcome. He starts by introducing you to the tools and what and where they are used, he is very straight about telling you not to buy to many tools at the start, just what is needed to practice, no hard sell. John makes it look easy when he takes out a dent, he takes his time and talks about every move he makes, so then it’s just practice.

Sean McMahon

I got a cancellation date from dentrix so it was a bit of a rush but Jane and John made it so easy. John is a great teacher and dead down to earth, would deffo recommend this course to anyone.

Jordan Hibbert - Chadderton