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Why Choose Dentrix?

With over 30 years of experience carrying out PDR, Dentrix PDR Training boasts the highest success rate of working PDR techs in UK & Europe.

Free ongoing support for life.

Our support consists of phone discussions or email. You are also welcome to return to our training school for an extra couple of hours of tuition, as often as necessary. This is all free after you have completed your training.


We work on several panels and two cars during the PDR courses giving you experience of various colours, strengths and paint finishes. some used cars may have poor paintwork, previous repairs or extreme orange peel like paint finishes or even glass finish. At Dentrix we know from experience the problems you will face in the real world and try to incorporate all of this into our intensive PDR courses.



If you want to be a PDR Tech, we’ll get you there.




Dentrix 5 Day Starter Course – for beginners or students with no or little or no knowledge of PDR covering all aspects of PDR- This course is also perfect for companies who want to send employees over a period of time on a week to week basis.

Incorporate PDR into your business or for those who have a full time job and wish to make a steady transition where time off work is an issue we recommend the one week course (all details are below with pictures of what is achieve for every trainee on the course).

Price: £995.00 + Vat


Dentrix 10 Day Starter Course – This course is specialised to help trainee progress quicker. We have a higher success rate with trainees who attend the two week course

We recommend two weeks for the perfect start to a PDR career.  This includes the week one course with additional depth and more time spent on each process and each tool. The second week we will apply all the techniques and tools used to implement real life conditions of dent removal restricted access dents. We will cover various restricted areas of door, working on the sound deadening pads, swage lines and general dent removal open access. We will also work on bonnets, tailgates, rear wings, front wings, roof panels and front and rear doors some with the inner door stripped out.

Price: £995.00 + Vat (per week)



With option 3, Dentrix will work with you until you are fixing dents for a career. This is the quickest option to get started as a PDR technician. Additionally, there are options to become a technician for one of our partners in dent removal services. Become PDR technician in your area. We can help you advertise as well as us advertising the brand name in your area to get you started. (Not a franchise) Please speak to one of the team for details of this option.


Price: £995.00 + Vat (per week)


Assessing, Improving and Advanced training.
For students who have already attended our basic course or have some knowledge of PDR.

Full assessment of all techniques covered in basic training and implemented into more difficult situations. Progressing onto increased size dents, including repairing of hard and soft body/swage line damage and sharp damage.

On this course we deal with trainees who already have equipment so why not bring your tools along and we will aim to work with these?

Many trainees come to us after visiting other companies for a course and realise they were misold or under achieve due to poor training or lack of an experienced instructor. Our aim is make this right.

Come along and have a FREE overview and assessment and we can then recommend a solution individual to you and you will see our dedication to helping our trainees.

As we say, “Do your homework and book it once book it right”. Ask all the right questions and make sure the instructor gives you free honest advice. Be sure that they are not just looking to book you in without having any real time with you. Our customer service is at the forefront of what we do.

Dentrix – Hands on PDR training catered to the individual.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss in more detail, please either email: sales@dentrix.co.uk or give us a call.

Dentrix is proud to be members of both NPDRA & PDR Nation



Choosing the right PDR Training Company for you.

With so many options and different advice on training, it is vital that you research the companies offering PDR training very carefully.
The company credentials are paramount, their reputation, their success rate within the PDR industry, their attention to detail in teaching and repairs, including, the success rate of previous trainees, after all, a trainees success is the training company’s success.

If at all possible, when contacting a PDR training company, ask to visit the venue, make sure you meet the technician who will be teaching you. Ask him to demonstrate personally removing a dent for you; after all it’s his skill and experience you are paying for. A good company will offer you a taster session where you will be able to try your hand before making any decisions free of charge. Be prepared and ask all the questions and concerns you may have regarding the training course. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you feel comfortable and happy, before you make any decisions.

There are many ways to complete the Dentrix PDR training course as not everyone can attend 6 weeks straight. We recommend starting with two weeks consistently back to back as this is the best most informative start we can give a trainee. We have had trainees complete the 6 week course over an  eight month period coming to us one week a month to fit into their schedule. This can work well but the key is to practice hard between each course as you only get out what you put in.

In essence, it may take 8, 12 or 18 months to get proficient as a PDR tech, good enough to earn, so spread the cost. Attend a 1-2 week course, go and practice for a few weeks, attend a 2nd or 3rd weeks course, go and practice again for a few weeks and so on. Believe me you will know when it is time to go back or even necessary to attend further training.

Whether this is a change of career or as an add on to an existing business, choosing the right training company is vital to you being able to accomplish and master PDR in the long run.

Please take the time to find out this information, it will save you not only money but could make the difference as to whether you make it within the PDR industry.

Dentrix PDR Training is considered the Number 1 of all PDR training companies in the UK Why?

Dentrix is able to boast, that we know of no other PDR training company in the UK, come to that, throughout the world with more experience in the art of PDR.

You are welcome to come to our purposely designed training venue, for an unconditional visit. Spend time speaking personally to our PDR trainer and watch him demonstrate PDR. If attending a free taster course you will have 2-4 hours of hands on training a great way to see if you like PDR before spending a penny.

See and test some of the best high quality PDR tools on the market today, try your hand at PDR and see if this is the job vocation for you. Free of charge.

We at Dentrix remove dents using superior quality PDR rods and dent pulling equipment for dents that are inaccessible. Working on new cars, at import centres, factories and dealerships, we remove dents without drilling holes, which would invalidate rust warranties.

Try before you buy

If you are already a working PDR technician and in need of a fresh approach, why not visit us? With our try before you buy facility, you can be assured that you do not need to take any unnecessary chances when buying PDR tools. You won’t be disappointed.

Interested? Call 0800 6122 927 or 02392 809 089 or E-mail: using the contact us page

We look forward to meeting you.

FREE with our Dentrix PDR Training Course

At Dentrix we offer you time in our office to see how we run our successful PDR business. If you are seriously considering a career change or just curious, we will offer an insight as to what is involved. From the basic advertising needed to the accountancy system used daily.
All this is available at no extra cost. We want our trainees to succeed in their new venture.

We offer ongoing support after attending any PDR Training Course.

A certificate for any PDR course successfully completed with Dentrix Ltd is issued.

What you should be aware of;

We at Dentrix pride ourselves on giving our students the best possible start; this unfortunately is not the case with all PDR training companies.

When you researched, were you promised a free PDR guide but on enquiry just received a list of training course prices? Were you told it was not possible to speak with the trainer, No, why not? Why are you unable to attend a taster session? Were you told, because you could learn too much and then not need any further training, seriously!!

A good trainer will be happy to answer all your questions or concerns without fumbling and will welcome you to attend a free session for your peace of mind.

Do not speak with a sales person as they will only tell you what they have been told to say and what you want to hear, not the truth. If you are told by anyone you will be a working tech at the end of their training course, avoid them like the plague!

The PDR industry is no different to any other, you cannot attend a mechanics course for two weeks and then open your own service centre the following week, the same rule applies to plumbing, carpentry, panel beating etc. Pick any trade you like, you cannot operate a successful business immediately after completing a training course. So why would anyone think you can in PDR?

Remember, if you get lies right from the start, why on earth would you give them your hard earned cash?

More and more we are seeing statements like, “We have been in the trade or in the motor trade for 15 years or 30 years”, does this mean they are good at PDR? Ask yourself, if you are a mechanic does this automatically mean you could re-spray a car? Or when your car needs a service would you take it to a Bodyshop? If you are looking for experience in a PDR trainer he needs to have been doing PDR, not car sales for 13 years of his 15 years experience, or a windscreen repair man for 25 years of his 30 years experience, make sure you speak to the trainer and make him answer the question direct; How long have YOU been doing PDR?

We have had many students come to us after attending other courses; some of the horror stories are unbelievable.

Some trainers are only at the course for a couple of hours a day, after setting a task, They leave to go and earn more money working mobile, coming back at the end of the day to see how you got on.

Being left with someone other than the experienced trainer they were led to believe would train them, this is usually an inexperienced technician still in training themselves. This is what they call one on one training. These people were not informed of these situations prior to the start of the course.

Companies employing a local dent man, not a very good one but cheap enough, he does the training, but has no experience in teaching. Just watching someone remove a dent, will not teach you PDR, you need a good teacher, one that can explain every process of dent repair.

A good dent man should be earning around £2000 to £3000 per week, if you have paid him let’s say, a maximum of £1500 for a week he is still short of the total he is used to earning, the extra must come from somewhere. If he tells you a good dent man earns between £1000 to £1500 per week, although he may think he’s a good dent man, he most probably is average.

One on one training, is it necessary? In a word NO. If you want to be trained by a top dent technician, you will need to pay him at least £2000 per week and for the best as much as £3000 per week.

When attending a training course, you will start with the very basics. Attempting to remove a dent the size of your thumbnail, this will take you, as a new student, an hour or two to achieve.

Why pay to have someone looking over your shoulder continuously? Being checked every three or four minutes is ample time for a qualified trainer to see when and where you are making a mistake.

Why not share the cost of the trainer with other students?

We have found with students who have attended one on one training, they progress very slowly. They only have the trainer to compare their progress with and this can be very demoralising.

Working within a small group, the advantages is that if mistakes are made by a trainee, all trainees benefit from the lesson learned. Discussion and the resolving of issues is a great benefit to all.

So why do other companies tell you that one on one training is the only way to learn?

Usually because they aren’t a genuine training school and their facility isn’t big enough or geared up for more than one student at a time.

Here’s a simple fact, some of the top old school technicians, who trained with Dent Master, Dent Wizard, Dent Devils etc trained in classes as large as 20 students per course and these guys are some of the best in the industry.

If you would like more honest information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone 0800 6122 927 or 02392 809 089 or email info@dentrix.co.uk