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What we do at Dentrix

Complete Refurbishment


Jane’s Porsche Carrera 4

Jane's Porsche pictured Right before the refurbishment

I have to say I didn’t think anything was wrong with my car, it was my husband who said it’s beginning to look a little tired and in need of a makeover.

After the boys at Dentrix had finished I couldn’t believe the transformation, it didn’t just look better, it drove better. I didn't realise that the guys at Dentrix would carry out all the mechanical work needed, including a full service. 

Thank you guys for making me fall in love with my car all over again, you’re the best and I can highly and will recommend this makeover to anyone who loves their car.





Here's what we did to Jane's 911







We started by removing the parts to see what needed our attention, new discs all round

and a good clean up underneath.  









The tail pipes got a complete makeover bringing them back to new.








The subtle differences that most people don’t think do much have a dramatic effect on the final look.


Take the lights, on the left before we treat them, on the right after.









The paintwork gets treated with multiple machine polishes using products that remove swirls and defects. The car is masked up to minimize cleaning after the polishing process.








With the special products we use the trimming looks like new, and will stay that way for many years 











A complete refurbishment of the wheels in a two tone finish gives Jane’s 911 the look she was hoping for









The finished job, the pictures speak for themselves










If your car needs a complete makeover please contact us for a quote.













Dent Repair


Mandeep's CLS


Dear John and Kevin,


I cannot thank you enough for the amazing repair on my CLS63 AMG. For the record I wanted to capture my thanks in writing and please feel free to share on your website.


Ten years saving up for my dream car, it took all but a moment for someone to drive in to it and put a dent in one of the doors. The most frustrating thing is I was parked at a petrol station at the time of the accident. Furthermore I had only brought the vehicle a week or so ago. To say I was beside myself is an understatement.


Mercedes quoted over £1300 to repair the dent which would require filler and re-spraying the door, quarter panel, etc to blend the paint work. There was no way I was having it re-sprayed as in my view it devalues the car. I contacted several PDR companies around where I live and all but one said it could not be repaired using PDR techniques. Luckily I was able to find Dentrix. (Funnily enough the one chap who said it could be repaired turns out to have been trained by Kevin at Dentrix).


I brought the car in to Dentrix and John and Kevin assessed the vehicle and explained what could be done to repair the dent. The lines on the CLS doors are complex and presented a difficult dent to repair, which is why most PDR companies wouldn’t even attempt a repair. Dentrix were able to repair the dent for a fraction of the cost quoted by Mercedes with no need for a re-spray. Kevin must have spent 4-5 hours meticulously working on the dent until it was removed. I was simply amazed at the skill and attention to detail demonstrated by these chaps. I am one delighted customer, a gem of a company!



Mandeep Singh







Ford Focus

The gentleman who owns this car was quoted over £800 and was told he needed a new tailgate. This took us just over an hour and was as good as new and at a fraction of the cost.

Citroen Picasso

Andy Worsfold – Hampshire

I just wanted to send you the 'before' and 'after' photos of my Picasso.

I'm really pleased with the result; your technician was really friendly and professional. All my emails have received prompt replies and I can't recommend your services enough.

Mercedes AMG

With this dent being so close to the driver’s door, it would have meant both the rear wing and drivers door being repainted to guarantee a good colour match, costing in excess of £1000. Our technicians removed this dent without the need to repaint in approximately 1 hour, with a massive saving.


Ford Fiesta

With the dent being so close to the driver’s door, this would have cost hundreds of pounds in a regular body shop. Dentrix removed the dent without the need to repaint in less than an hour.

Daewoo Matiz

This customer came to us out of desperation, they were sure the whole tailgate needed replacing. We at Dentrix repaired this damage in approx 1½ hours.

VW Golf

This dent was caused by a football. The customer wanted to keep costs to a minimum and was shocked that we were able to offer a 100% repair on this tailgate.


Difficult dent to remove in very awkward area of the car. But as you can see this dent was successfully removed by Dentrix.


Audi A4

The owner of this car was told by a body shop that the boot lid needed to be replaced; they were also told by several PDR companies that this damage was not repairable. However after contacting us at Dentrix, Our technicians comfortably removed the dents to the delight of this customer, saving them a small fortune.