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Dentrix Training


With over 28 years of experience carrying out PDR, Dentrix PDR Training boasts the highest success rate of working PDR techs in UK & Europe.


Free pre training tools and manual

We have found that with the correct setup, students that used our pre training pack before attending our course progressed faster than those who didn’t.


Free ongoing support for life.

Our support consists of phone discussions or email. You are also welcome to return to our training school for an extra couple of hours of tuition, as often as necessary. This is all free after you have completed your training.

If you want to be a PDR Tech, we'll get you there.


 10 % Off Tools when on one of our PDR courses.

We want you to have the best start in your new career, this is why we offer all our trainees 10% discount on all products in our extensive PDR Tool Store whilst attending a training course with us. We stock only the best brands available, Dentcraft, Ultra Dent Tools, Pro PDR Solutions, DentGear, PDR Finesse and others, we have a wide selection available for you to take away.


Free Windscreen Stone Chip Repair Training.

When you book onto any of our PDR training courses and at your own request, we will train you for free in the fantastic Glass Mechanix windscreen chip system, undoubtedly the best windscreen repair system in the world. PDR techs are finding windscreen chip repairs run excellently along side PDR. Interested, please contact us for more details  


Please note this is an extra course worth £250 and is added for free only at your request.


A Personal statement from John MD of Dentrix Ltd.


Welcome to Dentrix PDR Training, with over 28 years experience working as a PDR Tech, running a successful mobile dent removal company, working on hail damaged vehicles in the US, Italy, Australia and the UK. Dentrix runs the most successful PDR training company in Europe and having the largest PDR tool store, stocked with only the best quality tools available on the market today. It doesn’t matter what questions you may have, we will have the answers for you.


Be assured, our trainers have a vast knowledge based on years of experience working as PDR techs. Our staff have been trained to use the latest training techniques using the latest equipment available on the market today, your trainer will be spending every hour of the course with you. Remember, there is no substitute for experience and we are happy to share all aspects, good and bad. We will tell you about the mistakes we’ve made along the way so hopefully you don’t make the same ones. Experience isn’t just about showing or telling you how good we are, it’s about passing this knowledge on.


I personally guarantee if you train with Dentrix, we will make sure you succeed. After all, your Success is our Success.


So, if you are thinking of a career in the PDR industry, whether you have experience or if this is a complete career change for you, it is vital you read this whole page, especially the “Do’s and Don’ts of PDR” section.


We look forward to meeting you soon


John Haisman

Dentrix Ltd


Dentrix 5 Day - PDR Training Course consisting of:

  • PDR Tool selection, placement of tool tip and the correct use of tools.
  • Reading of reflection and the different types available.  
  • Each trainee has a work station equipped with all necessary PDR tools and a bonnet on a stand for comfort.
  • Working on a car, dent removal, covering all aspects, from small car park dings to large dents, i.e. Vandal damage.
  • Dent removal using, Glue pulling/lifting equipment, repairing bonnets, wings, roofs, doors, quarters, boot/tailgate and no access panels.
  • All panels will be worked on using both the PDR rods/bars and Glue pulling/lifting equipment.
  • All PDR training is carried out using the highest quality PDR tools from the best manufactures available on the market today .i.e. PDR Finesse Tools, Ultra Dent Tools, Dentcraft Tools etc.


Don’t be talked into somebody else’s idea of a PDR tool kit. We stock all the best names, so you can try them, before you buy them, creating your own PDR kit.


Dentrix - Hands on PDR training catered to the individual.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss in more detail, please either email or call 01420 83776.




Price: £950.00 + Vat


All Dentrix PDR Training is VBRA Approved  



 Dentrix is proud to be a member of the    


 Dentrix is proud to be a member of    


Dentrix 5 Day - Advanced PDR Training Course


This training course is aimed at anyone with the basic skills in PDR, we will concentrate on sharp dents, heavy creases, swage/bodyline dents and the repair of large panel damage, ridges/crowns, All training will be carried out on cars and not panels on stands. If you would like any further information or would like to discuss in more detail, please either email or call 01420 83776.


Price: £950 + Vat



Choosing the right PDR Training Company for you.  


With so many options and different advice on training, it is vital that you research the companies offering PDR training very carefully.

The company credentials are paramount, their reputation, their success rate within the PDR industry, their attention to detail in teaching and repairs, including, the success rate of previous trainees, after all, a trainees success is the training company’s success.

If at all possible, when contacting a PDR training company, ask to visit the venue, make sure you meet the technician who will be teaching you. Ask him to demonstrate personally removing a dent for you; after all it’s his skill and experience you are paying for. A good company will offer you a taster session where you will be able to try your hand before making any decisions free of charge. Be prepared and ask all the questions and concerns you may have regarding the training course. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you feel comfortable and happy, before you make any decisions.

Do yourself a favour, only book 1 weeks training at a time, not 2 or 3 or more.


Let’s put it like this, if you were taking professional golf lessons, would you cram all the lessons in one go? No, because to perfect, you need practice and time, take it in stages, perfect as you go, then move onto the next phase.  A competent  tutor will know the correct level you can personally take in, then you go and practice until you perfect, once done, you are ready to go back and move on to the next level.


In essence what I am saying is, it may take 8, 12 or 18 months to get proficient as a PDR tech, good enough to earn, so spread the cost. Only attend a 1 week course, go practice for a few weeks, attend a 2nd weeks course, go practice again for a few weeks and so on.  Believe me you will know when it is time to go back or even necessary to attend further training.

Whether this is a change of career or as an add on to an existing business, choosing the right training company is vital to you being able to accomplish and master PDR in the long run.



Please take the time to find out this information, it will save you not only money but could make the difference as to whether you make it within the PDR industry.




Dentrix PDR Training is considered the Number 1 of all PDR training companies in the UK Why?


Dentrix is able to boast, that we know of no other PDR training company in the UK, come to that, throughout the world with more experience in the art of PDR.


You are welcome to come to our purposely designed training venue, for an unconditional visit. Spend time speaking personally to our PDR trainer and watch him demonstrate PDR.


See and test some of the best high quality PDR tools on the market today, try your hand at PDR and see if this is the job vocation for you. Free of charge.


We at Dentrix remove dents using superior quality PDR rods and dent pulling equipment for dents that are inaccessible. Working on new cars, at import centres, factories and dealerships, we remove dents without drilling holes, which would invalidate rust warranties.


If you are considering any PDR course, please read our do's and don'ts lower on this page     

Try before you buy  


If you are already a working PDR technician and in need of a fresh approach, why not visit us? With our try before you buy facility, you can be assured that you do not need to take any unnecessary chances when buying PDR tools. You won’t be disappointed.


Interested? Call 01420 83776 or email: using the contact us page


We look forward to meeting you.


FREE with our Dentrix PDR Training Course  


At Dentrix we offer you time in our office to see how we run our successful PDR business. If you are seriously considering a career change or just curious, we will offer an insight as to what is involved. From the basic advertising needed to the accountancy system used daily.

All this is available at no extra cost. We want our trainees to succeed in their new venture.


We offer ongoing support after attending any PDR Training Course.


A certificate for any PDR course successfully completed with Dentrix Ltd is issued.


The Do's, The Don'ts & The Facts




We at Dentrix pride ourselves on giving our students the best possible start; this unfortunately is not the case with all PDR training companies.
When you researched, were you promised a free PDR guide but on enquiry just received a list of training course prices? Were you told it was not possible to speak with the trainer, No, why not? Why are you unable to attend a taster session?  Were you told, because you could learn too much and then not need any further training, seriously!!
A good trainer will be happy to answer all your questions or concerns without fumbling and will welcome you to attend a free session for your peace of mind.
Do not speak with a sales person as they will only tell you what they have been told to say and what you want to hear, not the truth. If you are told by anyone you will be a working tech at the end of their training course, avoid them like the plague!
The PDR industry is no different to any other, you cannot attend a mechanics course for two weeks and then open your own service centre the following week, the same rule applies to plumbing, carpentry, panel beating etc. Pick any trade you like, you cannot operate a successful business immediately after completing a training course. So why would anyone think you can in PDR?
Remember, if you get lies right from the start, why on earth would you give them your hard earned cash?
More and more we are seeing statements like, "we have been in the trade or in the motor trade for 15 years or 30 years", does this mean they are good at PDR? Ask yourself, if you are a mechanic does this automatically mean you could re spray a car? Or when your car needs a service would you take it to a Bodyshop? If you are looking for experience in a PDR trainer he needs to have been doing PDR, not car sales for 13 years of his 15 years experience, or a windscreen repair man for 25 years of his 30 years experience, make sure you speak to the trainer and make him answer the question direct, how long have YOU been doing PDR.
We have had many students come to us after attending other courses; some of the horror stories are unbelievable.
Trainers only at the course for a couple of hours a day, after setting a task, They leave to go and earn more money working mobile, coming back at the end of the day to see how you got on.
Being left with someone other than the experienced trainer they were led to believe would train them, this is usually an inexperienced technician still in training themselves. This is what they call one on one training. These people were not informed of these situations prior to the start of the course.
Companies employing a local dent man, not a very good one but cheap enough, he does the training, but has no experience in teaching. Just watching someone remove a dent, will not teach you PDR, you need a good teacher, one that can explain every process of dent repair.
A good dent man should be earning around £2000 to £3000 per week, if you have paid him let's say, a maximum of £1500 for a week he is still short of the total he is used to earning, the extra must come from somewhere. If he tells you a good dent man earns between £1000 to £1500 per week, although he may think he’s a good dent man he most probably is average.
One on one training is unnecessary, we have tried it. This is very costly as stated before, if you are to be trained by a top dent technician you will need to pay him at least £2000 per week, and for the best as much as £3000 per week. When on a training course you will start at the very basics, by attempting to remove a dent the size of your thumbnail, this will take an hour or two for a new student. So, why pay to have someone looking over your shoulder continuously. Every three or four minuets will be enough for the trainer to see when you make a mistake, why not share the cost of that trainer with other students. What we have found with students who have attended one on one training is, they progress very slowly, they only have the trainer to compare their abilities with and no one to compare their progress with, this can be very demoralising. Within a small group it is far better to see that you are progressing at the same rate as others, the talking and exchanging of ideas is of great benefit. 



Tools are another great way for them to cash in, instead of purchasing the latest top quality tools made by reputable tool manufacturers; they make very poor quality tools themselves, usually replicating tools to make it sound better or do deals with cheap tool manufacturers. You've all read it, "Our professional 60 piece kit", and then charging you £1500 or more. This enables them to make vast profits from very poor quality cheaply made tools usually packaged in a fancy impractical case in an attempt to make them look good, or maybe you get a free tool kit with your training, there's no such thing as free, you get what you pay for. Good tools cost money, thus, not allowing them to make enough profit.
Fact is, most good dent men use the same few bars to do most of their work, maybe just 5 or 6 rods, the rest are there for the odd occasion if the 5 or 6 can’t get on the dent, it is vital that you piece together your toolkit yourself. The reason for this is simple, if you were starting out as a mechanic you wouldn’t walk on to the Snap-On van and ask for a mechanics kit, you’d probably get done for about £25,000, and sold a load of stuff you don’t need, we are all individuals and all work slightly different, we are different shapes and sizes and we all use our own eyes. It’s the same in every trade, plumbers, electricians, panel beaters etc all slowly piece together their own kits over the years and PDR is exactly the same, to put it in simple terms, what’s the point of having 30 PDR rods if you can’t take a dent out with 1.

At Dentrix we lay our cards on the table, right from the start


You will be in a class of 4 students sharing the cost of the trainer. You have bought the trainer for the week, no need to gain revenue elsewhere.
Complete honesty regarding tools, we supply tools to trainees if they wish to purchase them from us. We tell all trainees where we purchase these tools, allowing them to purchase them direct. We also tell our students where not to buy, Yes we have been ripped off too, with tools that look great on the web but go rusty, bend or even break within days of purchasing. You don't have to take that chance.
If you think that four students per class are too many, please read our feedback page. Our success through training speaks for itself; some of the top names in PDR were trained by our trainers.
The most important part of becoming a competent PDR specialist is, The Trainer. If you are considering a complete change of career don't compromise on the training or venue, a training school maybe closer to you but it doesn't mean you are going to save money. If the venue or teachers are inadequate, you will not get the head start you need. The money you spend on a good B&B and travel can easily be saved by not being conned into unnecessary PDR tools.
Many people attend a PDR training course and come away believing they are unable to move forward and develop into a competent PDR technician. This is primarily because of the inadequate training provided and the PDR tools they are talked into buying. We have had people contact us after attending training courses with other companies, asking for pointers on where they are going wrong. Sadly, on many occasions this problem is just down to the PDR tools they have been sold.  Tools being unnecessarily replicated and tools of poor quality manufacturing not suitable for removing the dents as promised. Ask the PDR trainer/company you buy tools from if they use these PDR tools themselves, whilst repairing for car dealerships and retail customers alike. Ask them to demonstrate all the tools, on a real life repair, the complete kit if you intend to buy in kit form. Importantly, research as many PDR tool companies as you can. The best PDR tool companies are owned and run by ex PDR Techs, they know what we like and specialise in making PDR tools just for PDR technicians, many to custom requirements. It is not uncommon for a PDR technician to have a selection of tools from various outlets in his tool bag. Remember, quality not quantity.
Always research the PDR training company you are interested in. Talk personally to the PDR trainer, ask if it will be him training you or will it be an employee. If you can, visit the venue and watch him removing dents prior to booking on any PDR course. Check feedback from previous trainees. This should not cost you a penny.
Do not be fooled into believing that you will be an earning PDR specialist after any PDR training course, this is a skill that requires: Self motivation, time, patience, concentration and dedication and plenty of practice. Do not waste your money on any 2, 3 or 4 week PDR training courses all at the same time; you will only be paying for someone else to watch you practice what you learnt in the first week. A 5 day PDR course is sufficient for teaching the basics in PDR.
Only re-book a 2nd PDR training course once you have practiced the basics and feel confident to move on, this should take at least two months and then, only book a subsequent PDR training course if you really feel it necessary. A good PDR training company will be happy to offer ongoing support and help with any problems.

PDR Training Requirements


We don't want you to waste your money or time. We want only the most focused people with adequate physical condition to attend our concentrated PDR training courses. 20/20 correctable vision (glasses or contacts are fine) PDR is physical, requiring adequate health.
For FREE, no obligation advice as to what to ask any PDR company regarding PDR Training Courses or PDR tools, Please feel free to call our head office on 01420 83776
Or Email: using the contact us page